Waiting on the Train

By Gayla Nelson © 2004

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Peering ahead, searching for lights

I hope not to see.

Hurried, harried, commuter nightmare

waiting on the train.


The car slows in front of me to turn.

Caught. I see the lights flash.

The bars drop down before me,

fifteen minutes of idling time

waiting on the train.


Dead time, lost time

too much time to think.

Wasted time, road rage bubbles

beneath the surface,

while I am

waiting on the train.


Forty-minute commute suddenly becomes

another hour out of my life.

The cars and trucks line up behind me.

Time lost, multiplied by others, also,

waiting on the train.


Wagoner, Oklahoma,

should come with a disclaimer

for anyone considering a move that

takes them through that town.


They should be told

though, I was not,

to be prepared to spend their life

waiting on the train.

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