Adam and Eve.  The Fall.  Original Sin.  Hell and damnation.  Eternal Life. Alpha and Omega. God. Christ.  Satan. Salvation. Genesis and Revelations. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.  Birth. Truth. Faith. Creation.  Slavery.  Prince of Darkness.  Destruction.  Death. Suffering. Cancer.  AIDS. War. The end of the world.

The overwhelming incomprehensibility of it all.  Man, through words, has sought an understanding of one, many, or all of the elements of his religious inheritance. I really don't see where he has made all that much headway in his endeavor either.   

Man is so easily seduced.

A creature revolting against a creator is revolting against the  source of his powers - including even, his power to revolt.

Or is he?

Ah, the fall in the garden.  Who is to blame? Man for taking the fall or Satan for provoking it? 

Money is the root of all evil .   The more money you have the more evil you are?

God loves everyone.....pedophiles, rapists, serial killers.......hmmmmm

The bible has how many interpretations?

How many religions are there? And each of course feels his is the right one.

Many people who experience near death describe the same thing; a tunnel with a bright light at the end, and the incredibly strong pull towards it.   Seeing loved ones who have already died.  Seeing a slide show, if you will, of the major events in their lives.  Neuro transmitters not making connections?   Memory tags jumping through the sub-conscious something like scan disc.  Or true "spiritual phenomenom" and if the spirit is that tangible, should we all believe also in ghosts?

Format my mental hard drive - I have still too many questions that go unanswered.


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