Flower Power



Flowers bespeak love, beauty, friendship, a connection with nature, life and even death.  Flowers bring smiles, or comfort.

Flowers are present in all human milestones; births, birthdays,  weddings, anniversaries illnesses, funerals.  They are a visible symbol of an event.

Flowers of some kind or other grow nearly everywhere in the world.  I grow literally thousands of flowers every year.  I can't even comprehend anyone NOT growing at least one flower at all times.  My african violets bloom on the coldest of winter days, offering  hope against the bleak backdrop of winter.

Flowers are the very antithesis of war and murder and other beastly acts of mankind. 

Flowers are hypnotic.  Stare at a flower, concentrating totally on its very "being" for five minutes and see if a moment's tranquility does not wash over you.

Which brings me to flower power.

Flower power is more than a 1960's slogan.  The truth of the symbolism of flower power went beyond the Establishment's collective consciousness.   Surely you know by now that Vietnam was never fought to be won, that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy and you're really not supposed to understand the words to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (which had Iron Butterfly been sober at the time would have come out "In the garden of Eden"). Band member Lee Dorman explains:

~~~~~~~~~~"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" was written by the band's lead singer and keyboard player Doug Ingle, and the name was actually a misinterpretation.

"Doug had been up for a day and a half," Dorman said, "plus he had been drinking some wine."

Dorman and Bushy went to his house late one night and Ingle played the song for them. They liked what they heard and asked Ingle what the title was.

"He said 'In the Garden of Eden' but it sounded like 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,'" Dorman said.

Ron wrote it down phoenetically. The next day, we just decided, 'Yeah, let's just do that.' It sounded good and everybody liked it."

The song then "took on a life of its own," Dorman said.

"When we first started playing the song, we were on the road and it was about seven or eight minutes long. Whatever was happening, we just kept adding to it.

"Somewhere along the lines, when it got to be 12 minutes long, we added the drum solo. It wasn't just some arbitrary parts, it just took us 17 minutes to finish where we were going with it." ~~~~~~~~~~

That was the thing with Flower Power - you went with the flow, wherever it took you.......as long as it wasn't a military recruiting office.   THAT was deadly. If the Hippy Movement or hippies themselves interest you, I would suggest you check out my Hippy Page.

Too many people associated Flower Power with free love advocates.  It really was different.  Exactly how is really hard to explain, but basically the flower power generation was anti-establishment, anti-Vietnam, anti-violence, anti institutions and anti-anti. 

I still have, buried deep in my cedar chest, 2 sew-on patches.  One says "Bless the beasts and the children" and the other one says "Make love, not war" and both are ringed in colorful flowers.  Many of us really didn't have a clue as to all the political implications going on around us at the time.  What we did know was what it was like saying goodbye to friends just 18 and 19 years old who went off to war and never came back.  And even worse, those who came back but were never the same.  The walking wounded, the emotional cripples. We just wanted the killing to STOP.

Free love however, oh what a killer that turned out to be.  Free love of the '60's was a very short lived concept in the overall scheme of things.  How different the 1990's turned out to be.  Now, free love is no longer free. It comes with a heavy price.  Free love kills.

I wish flower power would come back........


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