Editor's note: Lisa's version is romantic. Greg's version is hilarious. Lisa claims that she and Greg wrote these separately because she wanted to see if he remembered all the dates the same way she did. Looks like he did!

Lisa's story

I grew up in Guymon, Oklahoma.  After graduating high school in 1999, I received a college scholarship to UCO in Edmond, Ok and decided to attend school there.  I was very excited even though all of my friends, except Alisha, would not be in the Oklahoma City area.  Luckily, they decided to attend OSU in Stillwater, Ok.  I spent many weekends in Stillwater hanging out with the girls and met many of their  friends over the years.  After graduating from UCO in 2002, my mom helped me find a good graduate school close to her and I ended up moving to Tulsa to attend OU where I earned my Master's degree in 2004.  

I always felt like this was a great decision even though I knew absolutely no one there.  It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. In the fall of 2003, my friends starting talking about their friend Greg.  Some thought he was funny and some thought he was cute.  The overall consensus was that he was a lot of fun to be around and a great guy.  I didn't get a chance to meet him until Saturday, February 5, 2004, when they invited me to come down for the weekend and celebrate Cherlynn's birthday.  I finally got to meet their friend Greg, and was instantly attracted to him.  I bought him a shot at the bar and flirted a little bit.  He mentioned that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and seemed to just want to have fun.  So, we did. 

Over the next couple of months, Greg and I hung out more and more.  Since I lived in Tulsa (where he grew up), he came over any time he was home.  Then in the summer of 2004, he got an internship at Simplex Grinnell in Sapulpa, where I lived.  Although he was staying at his mom's, he spent A LOT of time at our house and at my parent's during that summer.  We were the best of friends and had a great time together.  I loved how well he got along with all of my friends, but most importantly, how well he got along with my family.  

He went back to OSU for school and would come to Tulsa to see Ryan and me on the weekends.  We remained great friends.  He got another internship for the Summer of 2005 at Simplex Grinnel and decided to live in Sapulpa with my friend Preston. During that summer we were inseparable!  We spent every evening and every weekend together.  Then on September 9, 2005 with a little help from a couple of beers and the starry summer sky, the two completely platonic best friends ended up kissing at a party.  

He then left that Monday to go back to Stillwater.  I have to admit that it was a little awkward at first, but on September 13th he called me and said, "I don't know who were are kidding...we should just be together.  So, will you be my girlfriend?" I said yes and we have been together since.  It was a little hard to switch my frame of mind to--this guy is my boyfriend and my best friend and not just my best friend anymore.  However, who wouldn't want to be with their best friend?  

On December 5, 2007, I got the best surprise from my best friend.  I had found an advent calendar for the holiday season that reminded me of the calendar my mom used to buy us every year as children.  I was slightly obsessed with this calendar and made a huge deal about opening it every evening.  When I opened up that little door on Dec. 5th, I didn't see that piece of chocolate I had placed in there but instead I saw a ring.  In the most romantic moment in my life I yelled, "Shut up!  What is that?!?"  and my love, Greg, replied with, "You know what it is...so...will you?" 

 And that is how this all came to be.  We are planning to get married on September 13, 2008, exactly 3 years from the day Greg asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Greg's story

It all started out in the lonely suburbs of Jenks, America, where I grew up and graduated high school in May of 2000. After careful consideration and lots of pressure from the family, I chose to attend Oklahoma State University. I originally majored in architecture, but quickly discovered that I was going to major in beer. I dropped the architecture classes and decided to major in Fire Protection and Safety Technology, mainly because of my dad, but also I had an infatuation with fire. 

During my 1st senior year, I decided to get a job and applied at the fine establishment of Charlie's chicken where I befriended Alisha Cast and Shannon Hensley. We became really good friends, and they decided I was presentable to some of their fellow Guymonites. I met Cherlyn and Alisha's roommate, Ryan, (who was from Sapulpa) and we all hung out together all the time.

In February of 2004, for Cherlyn's birthday, we all went to J. R. Murphy's for a few drinks and some good old fashioned socialization. This was the first time I laid my pretty little eyes on Lisa. Alisha and Shannon both told me she was single. Lisa and I hit it off and she bought me a shot that night, and it was at that moment I knew she would be my "suga momma" (not really, but that was funny). 

As the days grew longer, and the semester was over, I moved back to Tulsa for an internship with a fire protection company. I moved all of my things home to my parent's house, but spent the majority of my spare time over a Lisa and Ryan's place in Sapulpa. I quickly made a great friendship bond with Lisa and she and I had the best times together. 

When the summer was over, I moved back to Stillwater for the 2nd of my senior years in college. I still had my job at Charlie's, and Shannon and Alisha both still worked there too. During the school year, Shannon, Alisha, and I would travel back to Tulsa to hang out with Lisa and Ryan. We had such fun times, and I secretly started to have a crush on Lisa. When the summer of '05 rolled around, I moved back home for another go at the internship I had held the previous summer.

I was supposed to live with Preston in an apartment, but I found myself staying with Lisa a lot, sleeping on the couch of course, but still paying half of Preston's rent. During that summer, Ryan and Preston were dating, so Lisa and I were left to hang out by ourselves a lot. We became really close, and even spoke (joked) about having kids together, if and only if, we were both single at the age of 25. That was how close we became. 

My crush for her was now a complete smash in comparison to what it was before. When I moved back to Stillwater for what was my 3rd senior year, I wanted the semester to hurry up and get over, not only because I graduated that December, but because I had a job waiting for me at the place I interned with the previous summers, and that also meant I could move back to Tulsa and hang out with my best friend, Lisa. 

As the fall semester steamrolled forward, I was home visiting and was out with Lisa and a couple other friends, and with a little influence from my good friend beer, Lisa and I kissed for the first time. That was on September 9, 2005. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited because I hadn't felt a spark like that since high school when we used to take those electric lighters apart and shock people with them. I knew we had something good. 

On Wednesday, September 13th, I asked Lisa to go steady with me; old timers for "be my girlfriend", and she said yes. Through a lot of good times and a few bad times, Lisa and I, I think, are a great couple and I decided this was the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life. In the fall of '07, I decided to take the nestle plunge, no sorry ,the real "plunge." I was going to ask Lisa to marry me. I ordered a ring from the finest jeweler of all the land, Israel Diamond. They got me just what I wanted, with a little help from Landon, of course. 

I was so excited to show somebody; I could hardly stand it, so I decided to finagle my way up to Lisa's parent's house to get some firewood, but really to ask her dad for his permission to marry his daughter. Naturally, Rodney said no and I cried. He decided to change his mind and said that he would be honored. Man I was so nervous to ask him, not because I thought he'd say no, but that kind of thing is a big deal and a gigantic step in a relationship. 

After that, I racked my brain on how to propose to Lisa that was out of the ordinary. I came up with the most ingenious plan. We had an advent calendar that we opened every night and it had a piece of candy in it for both of us. On December 5th, I put the ring in there with the candy and waited for her to get it out that night when we sat down to watch TV together. She opened the door for that day, and while talking to me, and without looking, pulled the candy out and dropped the ring on the floor. She didn't know what happened except that she dropped something. She was digging in the Christmas present sack that the ring fell in and when she found it she was in total shock. After the screaming and jumping for joy came to a halt, she cried and cried and cried with tears of joy and I asked her to marry me and she said yes, unlike her dad who thinks he's a comedian.

This is a very exciting time for us, not only because we are now engaged, but we decided back in October to build a house in Owasso together. We now live in our wonderful new house and are anxiously awaiting the date we become man and wife.


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