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Welcome to Cookin' With Gayla!

I hope that you can find some recipes that you and your family will enjoy.  Some of them are low fat, many of them are not.   This recipe site is a collection of recipes that are tried and true and that I have made countless times over the years. 



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Make your own Internet Cookbook!

I started my "Internet Cookbook" about 4 years ago.  There are many great recipe sites out there and more pop up every day.  What I have learned from making it is what NOT to do on this website.  I hope this site works well for you if making a cookbook is your intention.

There is only ONE recipe per page, so that if you find something you want to try, you can print it out by itself.  Graphics will be kept to a minimum on each actual recipe page to cut down on printing time and ink used.   And all recipes are typed in black.

To make your "Internet Cookbook" - buy an inexpensive photo album, print out each recipe you like, and put it under the protective cover.  (Also protects that recipe from spills in the kitchen!)  You can make it prettier by placing stickers on the pages like you can find at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores.  You can cover the album with fabric, print recipes on various colors of paper or designer sheets.  Make an opening cover that shows that the cookbook is compiled by YOU.  (These would make great Christmas gifts or birthday gifts especially for kids living far from home who really miss Mom's cooking!)


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Don't be a JUNKFOOD Junkie!!!


Gayla's Cooking Tips & Tricks

Cooking tip:  I use an electric skillet A LOT.  It's big, it's easy to clean, and you can regulate the heat so much more effectively!

Cooking tip: When a recipe calls for REAL mayonnaise, I always use Hellmans.  People who have tried my recipes and said they just weren't like mine have often then confessed to using some other mayo or Miracle Whip.  It just won't work.

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