Why do dogs bury bones?
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This notorious habit is one of a few that reveal our
canine companions' less housebroken history. In the wild,
many animals kill prey that is larger than they can eat in
one sitting. Just as a Thanksgiving turkey will turn into
sandwiches or soup the next day, predators try to save
leftovers for future meals or midnight snacks.

Unfortunately, the animal world's unwelcome houseguests
seek to raid this treasure. Hyenas, jackals, vultures and
other scavengers are quick to move in on any unfinished
prey, sometimes before the predator is done eating it. As a
result, many animals get their meals to go--eating them
high in a tree or at a hidden location. Those animals that
can't climb trees or who lack hiding places will bury their
food--a habit that has followed Fido to this day.

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